Violent Night Showtimes Near Amc Classic New Smyrna 12 (2024)

Are you ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience at the movies? Look no further than the AMC Classic New Smyrna 12 for a thrilling showcase of "Violent Night." Get ready for an action-packed, heart-pounding ride as we delve into the world of this intense cinematic masterpiece. In this article, we'll explore the showtimes, the electrifying plot, and everything you need to know about experiencing "Violent Night" near AMC Classic New Smyrna 12.

Showtimes at AMC Classic New Smyrna 12

Before diving into the gripping narrative of "Violent Night," let's first take a look at the showtimes available at AMC Classic New Smyrna 12. Whether you're a morning movie-goer or prefer a late-night screening, AMC Classic New Smyrna 12 has got you covered. With multiple showtimes throughout the day, you can easily find a convenient slot to witness the action unfold on the big screen.

The Plot Unveiled

"Violent Night" is a relentless display of high-octane action, set against the backdrop of a dark and dangerous world. The film follows the story of a former special forces operative who finds himself thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse. As he navigates through a treacherous landscape of betrayal and deceit, the protagonist must confront his inner demons while battling external forces hell-bent on his destruction. The plot is a rollercoaster of suspense and excitement, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

The Intensity of the Action

Prepare to be immersed in a world where danger lurks around every corner. "Violent Night" delivers a relentless onslaught of heart-stopping action sequences, each more jaw-dropping than the last. From intense hand-to-hand combat to adrenaline-fueled chase scenes, the film leaves no stone unturned in its quest to deliver a pulse-pounding experience. The choreography and execution of the action sequences are nothing short of spectacular, drawing viewers into the heart of the chaos and leaving them breathless with anticipation.

The Cinematic Experience

Watching "Violent Night" at AMC Classic New Smyrna 12 is not just about witnessing a film; it's about immersing yourself in a larger-than-life experience. The state-of-the-art facilities at AMC Classic New Smyrna 12 ensure that every moment of the film is brought to life in stunning clarity and sound. The larger-than-life screen and immersive audio transport viewers directly into the heart of the action, creating an unforgettable cinematic journey.


"Violent Night" promises an electrifying experience that will leave audiences wanting more. With its gripping plot, intense action, and larger-than-life cinematic experience, the film is a must-see for fans of adrenaline-fueled entertainment. Get ready to be on the edge of your seat as you witness the heart-pounding spectacle of "Violent Night" near AMC Classic New Smyrna 12.


  1. Q: Is "Violent Night" suitable for all ages? A: "Violent Night" is rated for mature audiences due to its intense action and violence.

  2. Q: Are there any special screenings or events related to "Violent Night" at AMC Classic New Smyrna 12? A: AMC Classic New Smyrna 12 may host special screenings or events related to "Violent Night." Keep an eye on their website for updates.

  3. Q: Can I purchase tickets for "Violent Night" in advance? A: Yes, AMC Classic New Smyrna 12 offers the option to purchase tickets in advance for "Violent Night."

  4. Q: How long is the runtime of "Violent Night"? A: The runtime of "Violent Night" is approximately 2 hours.

  5. Q: Are there any discounts or promotions available for "Violent Night" showtimes at AMC Classic New Smyrna 12? A: AMC Classic New Smyrna 12 may offer discounts or promotions for "Violent Night" showtimes. Check their website or inquire at the box office for details.

Violent Night Showtimes Near Amc Classic New Smyrna 12 (2024)


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